Lovelace Biomedical will be Presenting Data on the Non-clinical and Clinical Development Work for HFA-152a at the Upcoming RDD Meeting


Lovelace Biomedical is excited to be presenting data on the non-clinical and clinical development work for HFA-152a at the upcoming RDD meeting: Register for the Meeting Scientists Philip Kuehl and Jacob McDonald will both be in attendance. If you have any interest in meeting with them reach out and make time to set up a meeting.

Hammad Irshad – Using a Degree in Engineering to Make a Difference in Public Health


Hammad has 18 years experience, and focuses on our aerosol development and delivery for novel therapies. Hammad, tell me what you do as an aerosol scientist at Lovelace. Overall, my work leverages Lovelace’s broad capabilities in aerosol science to answer important questions that improve public health and regulations. The work is exciting because we are able to work at the cutting edge … Read More

PCR Development, it’s Uses, and Important Research at Lovelace Biomedical, with Bryan Gullick, PhD, Bioanalytical Research Scientist


Staff Spotlight: Bryan Gullick, PhD, Research Scientist Bryan Gullick, PhD, Bioanalytical Research Scientist Bryan, tell us about PCR in the development and conduct of pharmacology and toxicology studies PCR assay development closely follows the in vivo studies required to support an IND. Along this path from pharmacology to toxicology the scientific team reviews, and evaluates what species to utilize. They will consider … Read More

Preclinical Drug Development for a Gene Therapy Product: No Cookie Cutter Route


Follow these critical steps on your path to IND application. By Philip J. Kuehl, PhD, Senior Scientist and Director of Scientific Core Laboratories, Lovelace Biomedical and Jacob D. McDonald , PhD, Senior Scientist and Chief Scientific Officer, Lovelace Biomedical Cell and gene therapy products are reviewed and approved through the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) at the Food and Drug Administration … Read More

2020: The Year of the Scientist


2020 was the year of the scientist. In a culture where we primarily celebrate the accomplishments of artists or the affluent, this year we celebrated the accomplishments, knowledge and capabilities of scientists and, in a sense, science. It is always fun to be working on research that is topical to the well-being of humankind. This year more than any Lovelace … Read More

Lovelace Biomedical Staff Spotlight: Tracylyn Yellowhair – Intra-tracheal (IT) Atomization of IT Liquid Delivery of a Test Article


As translational researchers we’re faced with many challenges in determining the best routes and methods for delivering inhaled therapeutics that will allow for precise targeted dosing and maximum benefit to the patient, especially now with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, we aimed to delineate some of this complexity by comparing the pulmonary distribution of a reporter test article utilizing standard … Read More

From our Blog: Expert Pre-Clinical Toxicology – There is No Standard Template!


2019’s ACT meeting in Phoenix, AZ was the 40th Annual Meeting and brought some key highlights to the Lovelace Biomedical team. In addition to catching up with colleagues, scientists and business development team members had the opportunity to attend continuing education courses and scientific sessions in toxicology.In reviewing highlights with the scientific staff, several highlights came up. Jacob McDonald saw the attendance … Read More

Are You Getting The Most out of Your Scientific Meeting Attendance?


Thinking about Scientific and professional development. As I reflect upon 2019 and the different trade shows I attended over 2019, it was an interesting year, with one show standing out for something other than scientific content. As the pharmaceutical industry has shifted over the last 10 years with travel budgets severely restricted since 2008, most companies limit the number of scientific shows … Read More

Lovelace Biomedical Staff Spotlight: Janet Benson, Senior Scientist


Today’s staff spotlight belongs to Janet Benson. Janet is one of Lovelace’s longest tenured scientist, with decades of experience and also one of the most respected and well-known leaders in the gene therapy space. Here, Janet gives us a little glimpse into her career, inspiration, and interests. Role at Lovelace Biomedical – Study PI and Program Co-PI, Marketing, IACUC Member … Read More