Lovelace Biomedical’s expansive campus, with military-grade security, enables us to carry out sensitive projects that cannot be conducted in smaller or urban-based environments. Our state-of-the-art facilities are centralized on a company-owned site within a U.S. Air Force base in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

In addition to our Applied Sciences Facility, we have a basic science research facility located in close proximity to our clinical division, LSR. The Mind Research Network Campus is on the University of New Mexico campus, which gives an additional benefit of access to shared Core Resources at the University.

Animal Housing

With more than 100 acres of land and 300,000 square feet of laboratory space, Lovelace Biomedical has one of the most extensive animal housing areas available among domestic preclinical research organizations — including unlimited space for expansion into new animal housing or experimental facilities. In addition to surgical suites and more than 90 animal rooms, our specialized on-site laboratories provide capabilities in histopathology, clinical pathology, analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, microbiology, virology, and cell and molecular biology.

High-Containment Facility

Lovelace Biomedical has over 10,000 square feet of ABSL3-enhanced laboratory space, with six multi-species animal rooms capable of housing rodents, rabbits, ferrets and non-human primates. The high-containment labs are fully GLP compliant with remote telemetry capabilities, two aerosol exposure laboratories, a state-of-the art necropsy suite with full hematology and clinical chemistry analysis capabilities, as well as fully equipped microbiology and virology laboratories.

GLP Regulations

Lovelace Biomedical’s operations are fully compliant with the FDA’s Good Laboratory Practice regulations (21 CFR Part 58) and other customer requirements, and have onsite Quality Assurance teams that are engaged in all GLP studies.