Specialty Expertise

Off-the-shelf research solutions simply don’t exist for many of the pharmaceutical industry’s more complex drug development challenges, including gene therapies, orphan diseases, infectious diseases and neurological conditions. Lovelace Biomedical provides unique capabilities in these and other specialty areas, supporting our customers as they expand the limits of what’s possible in medicine today.

Capability Overview


Lovelace Biomedical has been recognized as a world leader in conducting inhalation toxicology studies for more than 40 years.

Infectious Disease

Lovelace Biomedical’s preclinical infectious disease research program is actively developing and refining enhanced in vitro and in vivo capabilities...

Gene Therapy

Lovelace Biomedical has one of the longest-running preclinical gene therapy toxicology programs, with more than a decade of experience conducting preclinical studies.


In conjunction with the Mind Research Network, Lovelace Biomedical builds successful neurological and preclinical neuroscience research & studies.

Alternative Tobacco Products

Lovelace Biomedical has been performing cigarette smoke inhalation exposure studies for more than 25 years.

Medical Countermeasures

Lovelace Biomedical has extensive experience in evaluating preclinical medical countermeasures research & studies against biological, chemical, radiological, and more.