Lovelace Biomedical has been recognized as a world leader in conducting inhalation toxicology studies for more than 40 years. Expertise includes the development of new respiratory therapies, new animal models of respiratory diseases, and the study of occupational hazards and commodity chemicals, agrochemicals and environmental toxicants.

Capabilities include:

  • Research expertise and pharmacology models in asthma, COPD, cancer, fibrosis and inflammation
  • Low test article consumption exposure systems for management of test article use
  • Nose-only, whole-body and head only exposures
  • Exposure systems for multiple species, including rodent, swine, canine and nonhuman primate exposure systems
  • Inhalation formulation for dry powder, nebulizer and metered dose inhalers
  • Inhalation under high-containment conditions for toxic agents
  • Inhalation of radiolabeled materials for ADME
  • Tobacco smoke and alternative tobacco product inhalation systems

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