Through its wide array of services, Lovelace Biomedical provides clients with an unparalleled understanding of the biology of disease. Our team includes experts for every step of the preclinical research process, from analytical chemists who develop precise formulations and assays to quantify drug distribution, to veterinarians who determine the best animal models to address scientific hypotheses.

Our experienced scientists and staff work in concert to provide all of the necessary insights into the mechanisms of efficacy and toxicity to advance clients’ therapies into clinical development. We are able to bring in-depth understanding into potential health risks, optimize the efficacy of pharmaceuticals and select laboratory species most predictive of human response.


Lovelace has been performing large- and small-animal toxicology studies ranging from non-GLP investigational toxicology to GLP regulatory toxicology for more than 70 years.

Bioanalytical / Analytical Chemistry

Lovelace Biomedical has extensive expertise in preclinical bioanalytical chemistry research, with specialized laboratories and experienced bioanalytical method development/validation and sample analysis chemists.


Our team can expertly develop a variety of formulations—ranging from simple to complex—including formulations for parenteral, oral, dermal and inhaled dosing in preclinical studies.

Pharmacokinetics / Toxicokinetics

Lovelace Biomedical has broad capabilities for determining the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of drug entities delivered by all exposure routes.


Our scientists are experts in more than 100 animal models of diseases. The team at Lovelace Biomedical is available to support preclinical studies evaluating safety and efficacy.

Colony Maintenance

Our 250,000-square-foot vivarium provides ample space and infrastructure for short-term or long-term housing of small and large animals.