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Lovelace Biomedical is a not-for-profit preclinical contract research organization with a rich history of helping its pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners achieve great things.


The Lovelace Difference

“Larger organizations tend to get bogged down in bureaucracy. They don’t want to, but it is a natural evolution of keeping a lot of people on the same page. I used to work for a large CRO and the first thing I noticed when I came to LBRI is its ability to make changes on the fly. I cannot imagine how clients wouldn’t love this personalized touch on their study. In fact, I love being involved in that personalized touch, because I get to talk with the scientists on the other side. We learn together. What could be better?”

Our Expertise

Through its wide array of services, Lovelace Biomedical provides clients with an unparalleled understanding of the biology of disease. Our team includes experts for every step of the preclinical research process, from analytical chemists who develop precise formulations and assays to quantify drug distribution, to veterinarians who determine the best animal models to address scientific hypotheses.

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Our Leadership


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pioneering science & technological innovation

Over nearly seven decades, we have built a reputation for leveraging a multidisciplinary toolset to push the limits of preclinical research – all while offering a streamlined customer experience, with fast, direct and personal access to our industry-leading scientific experts.

Our common-sense organizational structure enables quick turnaround on proposals and contracts, and the ability to adapt our business process to our clients’ unique research needs. Located on an expansive bio-secure facility in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico, we are equipped to handle just about any preclinical program, from investigational gene therapies to infectious disease solutions. We work hard to understand your goals – and get you to where you need to be.

Importantly, as a not-for-profit research institute, we are beholden to science – and not shareholders. We invest generously in basic science and cutting-edge technologies so that we can help you accomplish your research objectives, no matter how complex.

Lovelace Family of Companies & Partners

Lovelace Biomedical, a commercially-focused entity dedicated to contract research, is affiliated with a family of companies that provide a unique depth of expertise in nonclinical and clinical research. Fellow Lovelace companies and our partners include.

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