Small Molecule

Lovelace Biomedical has extensive expertise in small molecule bioanalytical chemistry, with specialized laboratories and experienced analysts in liquid and gas chromatography, and mass spectrometry. Focusing on small molecule quantitative analysis, Lovelace has experience developing new assays or transferring existing methods. These methods can support pharmacokinetic, toxicokinetic and in vivo metabolism studies, and analyses can be conducted to evaluate parent molecules or metabolites in a full range of matrices, including blood, plasma, serum, urine, CSF, pleural fluid and tissue.


Method Transfer,  Method development, Method Validation, Sample Analysis



  • Gas chromatography
    • Agilent 7890s, MS, FID, TCD and ECD detectors, liquid and head space autosampler
  • Liquid chromatography
    • Agilent 1100 / 1200; DAD, VWD, RID, FLD detectors
    • UPLC Acquity PDA; FLD, ECD detectors
  • Mass spectrometer systems
    • API 5000, 5500 and 6500 LCMS 
  • Molecular devices and biotek plate readers
  • Spectrophotometers
  • Tecan/Eppendorf liquid handlers
  • TomTec Quadra extraction system

General Expertise

  • Analytical/Bioanalytical Chemistry
  • Animal model development, including small and large animal surgical models
  • Carcinogenicity/GenTox
  • Chronic infusion
  • Cytokine/chemokine assays
  • DMPK
  • Drug delivery by IV, IM, IP, SC, PO, IT, IN, ocular, inhalation, local delivery and other specialized routes
  • Histopathology, immunohistochemistry and histomorphometry
  • IND-enabling toxicology
  • IV, intrathecal, ICV catheterization (for delivery and collection)
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Pharmacology
  • Serum and tissue-based biomarkers
  • Telemetry (heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, ECG, EEG, temperature, activity, etc.)