Lovelace Biomedical offers extensive expertise in biodistribution, mRNA concentration, gene expression analysis, vector shedding, vector persistence, and formulation analysis utilizing PCR techniques. This includes qPCR, RT-qPCR and ddPCR for gene therapy programs with a variety of vectors including AAV, Lentivirus, Lipid-nanoparticle, and other novel vectors. Lovelace has experience in developing new methods or transferring existing methods, assay validation, and high-throughput sample analysis.

Lovelace continues to be a scientific leader in the area of qPCR regulatory guidance with capabilities to develop and transfer assays in a full range of matrices (whole blood, plasma, serum, urin, CSF, tissue cells, etc.) Lovelace Biomedical is your partner for PCR needs.


Our PCR laboratories utilize state of the art equipment and automated work flows to support high-throughput sample analysis while minimizing potential for cross-contamination. Method development, method transfer, validation, and sample analysis can be conducted to support regulatory filings.



  • BioRad QX200 AutoDG ddPCR PCR System
  • BioRad CFX Real-Time PCR System
  • KingFisher Sample Purification Systems
  • Molecular Devices Plate Readers
  • Eppendorf Liquid Handlers

Key Capabilities

  • Method Development
  • Method Transfer
  • Method Validation
  • High-Throughput Sample Processing
  • GLP Sample Analysis