Medicinal Chemistry

Lovelace offers an experienced medicinal chemistry team for all aspects of hit to lead optimization and clinical candidate selection. This includes expansion of new chemical scaffolds and pharmacophores around rational SAR design by empirical and computational / crystallographic approaches.

Medicinal chemistry

Andrew L. Salzman, M.D.

Director of Translational Science (Drug Development/Medicine)

Rounds of synthesis and testing, performed in an iterative fashion, allow efficient optimization of chemical series for potency, selectivity, and avoidance of metabolic liabilities and acute toxicity issues. To create further synergy, early biological and analytical testing is integrated in-house with the synthetic chemistry and pre-formulation efforts, whenever possible, for rapid turnaround and cross-fertilization. Furthermore, rapid synthetic development and scale up of preferred compounds allow seamless transition into IND-enabling ADME/PK and in vivo efficacy and toxicity studies. The above are supported by varied and comprehensive analytical methodologies (LC-MS/MS, LC-MS/TOF, NMR, FTIR, GC-MS, DSC, UV/fluorescent spectroscopy, HPLC, microscopy), enabling solubility and stability testing, salt screening, morphology studies, formulation and pro-drug evaluation.