Infectious Disease

Lovelace Biomedical’s infectious disease program is actively developing and refining enhanced in vitro and in vivo capabilities to improve our understanding of the host response to infection, as well as new and enhanced systems to evaluate medical countermeasures against recurring and emerging biological threats. These capabilities serve to positively impact human health through the evaluation of vaccines, therapeutics and other medical countermeasures against bacterial, viral, fungal and toxin exposures.

Capabilities include:

  • Production of highly characterized viral, bacterial and fungal challenge stocks for use in evaluation of medical treatments and countermeasures
  • Viral and bacterial neutralization and clearance assays using standard titer techniques, serological assays, as well as PCR-based and immunofluorescence methods
  • High-resolution histopathology, morphometry, in situ hybridization, and immunohistochemistry with epithelial cell markers for distinct lung cell populations

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